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Rail freight

When road transport turns out to be an expensive, time-consuming and complicated undertaking, the ideal solution is rail transport, which guarantees efficient transport of various types of cargo, e.g. loose, volumetric, heavy, oversized and many more. 

It is a significant facilitation, especially when a multi-tonnage load is sent to one recipient, sometimes located on another continent. InterConti Trading rail transport extends primarily throughout Central Europe from the Baltic Sea to the Black Sea, and despite the Russian attack on Ukraine, we have organized broad-gauge transport there, along with reloading on its border with the European Union, we also carry out projects around the world. 


The great advantage of our solutions is carrying out the entire logistics project, from verification and quotation, through implementation and documentation service, along with full customs service with the lowest possible customer involvement. In connection with our partners, we have a wide range of types of railway wagons, which allows for fast, safe and unlimited transport of each commodity.

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