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About InterConti Trading

As a modern logistics provider, we offer complex, specific, integrated and value added solutions for our clients' supply chains, while maintaining long-term relationships built on trust and confidence to guarantee success.

InterConti Trading is a tailored-made supply chain management company with global coverage, specializing in international supply chain management, project logistics, freight management, trading, contract logistics, consulting and customs clearance.

Building customer loyalty and keeping our customers satisfied is our top priority

Our people-first mindset draws our clients to InterConti Trading. We are committed to helping our customers reach their full potential and greater profits. When we put the right people in the right place, at the right time amazing things happen.

We thrive on delivering results and adopt the operation-centric approach to everything we do. 

At every stage, we are ready to provide consultation to make your business effective and even more profitable.

We ensure visibility across the entire supply chain and use real-time insights to continuously optimize all the processes.

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